Canada Study Visa Requirements, Fees, Application Process and Time

A study permit allows foreign students to pursue their studies at a Canadian designated learning institution for a defined period of time.

Designated learning institutions include colleges, universities and technical vocational schools that have been specifically recognized by the Canadian Government to accept foreign students.

If studying in Canada is something you would like to pursue, here are the step by step procedures you must follow:

1. Application to School – The first thing you must do is to select a qualified school/program and obtain admission from them. We can help you prepare your application to the school and program of your choice

2. Application for Quebec CAQ (if applicable) – Once we obtain a letter of admission from your school, if you are planning to study in Quebec, we will then make a CAQ application on your behalf. A CAQ application is required only for Quebec.

3. Application for a Study Permit – After receiving an admission letter from the school and a CAQ (if applicable), we can then make your application for a Study Permit.

This study permit must be presented at the port of entry once you land in Canada as international students. We offer a turnkey solution to assist you to find an appropriate school and program.

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