About ImmigToronto

ImmigToronto is a Canada and USA-based immigration consultant. We are Canada’s best immigration agency with a team of professional consultants who hold expertise in carrying out a seamless immigration process for aspiring immigrants.  

We provide the best immigration services as per industrial standards. Our transparent and honest approach makes us a reliable medium for helping you get the Canadian Visa through the right path. 

We believe in working strictly under the guided rules and regulations of the government and it is our sincere duty to help our customers choose the right pathway. Our legal collaboration with the RCIC approved by CICC and Immigration Lawyer approved by Law of Society of Ontario (LSO) makes us capable enough to get you a Canadian PR. We are against any illicit claims or promises but we do try our best to assist you in your current immigration needs in the most efficient way possible.  

The College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants CICC took over the ICCRC in 2021 as an initiative to strengthen the immigration system keeping in mind public interest. RCIC stands for a registered and licensed representative who is responsible for evaluating Visa applications of the aspiring candidates and also possesses the authority to submit applications officially to IRCC, the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada which is aligned with the Federal Government of Canada. RCIC is an important member of CICC.  

We also have an unparalleled approach towards the betterment of our customers and so we guide them according to the right standard of immigration policies. Working through an accurate documentation process allows us to forge an everlasting bond with our clients, giving them reasons to spread our name across the globe. We also believe in self-improvement and are open to communicating with our clients, also keeping them updated with the latest guidelines and regulations.  

All our clients hold special value for us; therefore, we provide solutions in alignment with their requirements. Our absolute secure transaction process is encrypted with a 128-bit bonded encryption system, making it a safe immigration choice for you.  

We are here to make the tedious immigration procedure a memorable experience for your fulfilled Canadian dreams. 

Our Canadian immigration services are spread across the globe as manage cases from the diverse Gulf, Latin and Asian countries. 

You can reach us at our contact centers located in Sweden and Canada.

Meet Our RCIC Experts at ImmigToronto

Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCIC)are authorized by Canada’s federal government to take your immigration process further in the case of acquiring permanent residency status in Canada.

Denis Korobov A Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant

Denis Korobov holds a considerable experience of ten years as an immigration consultant for Canadian immigration with the license number-R508008. He is well-versed with Economic immigration and has assisted diverse immigrants across the globe from students to entrepreneurs.

ImmigToronto deliver what it promises without exaggerating its commitments. We as a team of immigration professionals are well aware of the hard work and money aspiring individuals invest for immigration purposes and we are forever dedicated to serving them with utmost responsibility by providing them with the right path and solutions for a smooth sailing immigration journey. If you’ve been searching for a trustworthy, reliable, and authentic immigration agency, then you are most welcome to connect with us! 

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