Canadian Experience Class

The Canadian Experience Class is an Express Entry Program stream introduced by the government of Canada along with the Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada for those skilled foreign workers who have previous work experience from Canada and have the wish for immigration and citizenship in Canada as permanent residents. 

Minimum Eligibility Requirements

  • You must have the needed language skills in each language ability in English or French, i.e, be able to write, read, understand and speak. 
  • You must have done at least one year of skilled work in Canada in the 3 years before submitting your application. This experience of 1560 hours could be one-year full-time work for 30 hours every week or it’s equivalent in part-time work (15 hours every week for two years).
  • You could have worked in more than one part-time or full-time job to meet the required work hours. 
  • The work experience must have been gained in Canada while living in Canada with a temporary resident status. You must also have had the authorization to work in Canada. 

How To Calculate Work Experience

Count the skilled work experience for which you were paid only. You could have been paid in the form of wages or earned a commission. Volunteer work and unpaid internships should not be included in your calculation.  Part-time work must have been done for around 15 hours every week and must add up to 1560 hours of work. This work experience could have been gained in more than one job. Work done for more than 30 hours weeks should not be counted. 

Who Is Not Eligible For The CEC

You are not eligible for applying for Canada permanent residence through these programs if you fall under the following categories. 
  • Refugee claimant in Canada.
  • If you are engaged in an occupation in Canada without authorisation.
  • You gained work experience in Canada but not under the temporary resident status. 


No educational credentials need to be submitted for this program. However, if you wish to increase your ranking for being selected in the Express Entry pool, you can do so in the following ways.
  • Include the certificate or diploma, you got from studying in a Canadian educational institution (secondary or post-secondary) that can get you extra points.
  • For education completed outside Canada, you will need an Education Credential Assessment. It should be from an authorised organization and education completed should be equivalent to getting a degree or diploma in Canada. 

Language ability

  • For jobs of skill type ‘0’ or ‘A’ by NOC category, you must have a minimum score of CLB 7.
  • You need a score of 5 in the Canadian Language Benchmark for NOC ‘B’.
  • The approved language test such as IELTS must score you in the ability to read, write, speak and understand the language.
  • The test must be for the Canadian languages of French or English.
  • Test results of language proficiency should be in your Express Entry Program profile.
  • A language test remains valid for two years from the day the final scores are out. Ensure that it is valid while submitting your application-form for gaining Canadian permanent residency.

Where You Can Live In Canada

Before deciding where to settle in Canada, you must also ensure that you are admissible into the country. You will have to choose a Canadian province other than Quebec. This is because Quebec has its own program and process for the selection of skilled workers.  You will have to fill-out where you wish to reside in Canada after immigration to Canada in your application-form. It is not necessary that you have to permanently settle in the selected province. If you are selected through a Provincial Nominee Program, you will have to settle in that province or territory. 

Documents For Your Profile

Not all documents need to be submitted during the submission of your online application. But the information of some of the documents mentioned below may be needed. Also, different documents need to be submitted at different stages of the processing. For specifications, ask your immigration consultant. 
  • Passport or any other travel document.
  • Results of your valid language proficiency test.
  • Proof that you have received education from a Canadian institution.
  • If applicable to you, an ECA. 
  • Proof that you are a Provincial Nominee (if you are).
  • A work offer from an employer in Canada in writing.  
  • Work experience proof.
  • A certificate showing your qualification in the trade which you wish to pursue in Canada, given by a Canadian province or territory.
  • Proof that you have sufficient funds. 

Documents For Your PR Application

If you receive an Invitation To Apply for becoming a permanent resident of Canada, you will have to upload the following documents.
  • Police certificate.
  • Funding proof.
  • Medical examination results.
  • Birth certificate of your dependents.
  • Marriage certificate, divorce certificate or common-law partner union form depending on your marital status.
  • Death certificate if your marital status is windowed.
  • Adoption certificate if your dependent child was adopted.

Fill Out The Online Form

If you wish to immigrate to Canada as a skilled worker, submitting your profile is important. If found eligible, you will enter the Express Entry pool. A score and rank according to the Comprehensive Ranking System will be given to you. It is a point system. If selected from the pool of eligible candidates, you will be sent an invitation to apply by Canadian immigration authorities. Then you shall be able to apply online. 

Create Your Express Entry Profile

If found eligible, you will receive an ITA, and you can prepare your Express Entry Profile. You will have to enter the personal reference code when asked, in order to create your account. Then after entering a few personal details, you can create your account.  For completing the profile, you will have to give document information as well as your NOC work title and code. Your information will get saved so you can exit the profile when you want. After receiving the ITA, you have sixty days to perfect your profile and submit it. 

What To Do While You’re In The Pool

Get your documents ready

Since you have limited time to finish your application and submit it after getting an invitation to apply, it is better to be prepared.  Make sure your language test is valid on the day of submission of application for Canadian permanent residence. If the test is expired, take the test again or if it is an option, apply before it expires. You can also decline the invitation, be sent back to the Express Entry pool for future consideration. If your application for permanent resident status is submitted without a valid language test, it will be rejected.  For 18 years or older applicants, police certificates are also required. It can take time to get those which depend on where you reside. If you are in the pool, it is better to apply for getting them. 

Keep your profile up-to-date

Ensure that all information provided by you is not false or inaccurate. Here are the situations which may require you to update your profile. 
  • If you have a career change.
  • If you get or have lost a job offer.
  • If you take a new language test.
  • If your marital status changes.
  • If you adopt a child.
If the information is not accurate or false it can lead to the following.
  • Refusal of your application.
  • Make you inadmissible into Canada.
  • Bar you for the chance to apply for immigrating to Canada for the next 5 years. 

Comprehensive Ranking System

In this point-based system, high ranking applications are sent invitations to apply for permanent residency in Canada. Instructions can be available online or on the Express Entry system.  The instructions have information about the date, time and the number of candidates of the pool. It will also tell you which programs are included in the pool. 

Respond To Your Invitation To Apply

The invitation will contain the following
  • The program through which you can apply for permanent residence. 
  • The steps to be taken after receiving the invitation.
  • You have to give proof of the information provided in your Express Entry Profile so that it can be verified. 

Declining The Invitation To Apply

Declining the Invitation to Apply will send you back in the pool. If nothing changes, you will remain eligible for future consideration.  If your CRS is not high enough to be selected, you may not get another invitation. You can do the following to get another invitation in that case. 
  • Improve and increase your CRS score.
  • Change and update your Express Entry profile.
Declining will not affect if you receive an invitation in the future. If you don’t decline and fail to respond to the invitation within 90 days, your application will reach expiration and be removed from the Express Entry pool.  Express Entry Program is not the only program by the Canadian government through which you gain Canadian citizenship and permanent resident card. You can permanently move to Canada via the Provincial Nominee Programs too. They have special streams for giving Canadian residency to international students, foreign workers, skilled workers and those whose occupation is among the skilled trades. If you are found qualifying, you can get a nomination to migrate to Canada and for settling there. You can also emigrate to Canada temporarily with study permits, work permits, visas, sponsorship open work permits and work visas.  Don’t wait! Ask your immigration consultant and an immigration lawyer if you are eligible for an application of permanent residence under the Immigration Law and begin the process of migrating to Canada today!

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