Canadian Family Class Sponsorship Visa

Any person who is entitled to Canadian PR/Canadian Citizenship and is more than 18 years can sponsor their relatives to come to Canada and then they can legally live, study and work in the province of Canada.

Canada has opened its intakes of Family sponsorship applications. 

  • People applying through Family Class Sponsorship are the ones who are the least affected by the curbs related to traveling. 
  • All Canadian PRs and immediate family members of citizens will be eligible to enter Canada. The partners of the candidates and their applications are also being analyzed with the immigration department of Canada which will provide some relief with the submission of the applications that have been completed. 
  • Applicants who are traveling by air have to follow certain airline requirements like passing a health checkup before boarding the flight which is conducted by the authority of airlines and people showing some symptoms of covid will not be allowed to enter Canada through flights. 
  • Visiting Canada involves pre-planning. You’ll again have to pass the health checkup when you arrive in Canada before leaving the port of entry. Also, you have to quarantine for about 14 days even if you do not possess any symptoms. 
  • People who provide important services are only exempted from quarantine regulations. For example- Truck drivers who regularly contribute to transporting goods across borders need not quarantine themselves.  

Eligibility criteria for Family Immigration to Canada 

The Government of Canada considers keeping families together and usually gives preference to the processing of Family Sponsorship to reunite families in Canada. There are a lot of ways by which Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada can sponsor a family member who is living abroad and wants to move to Canada.  

Following is the list of family members a Canadian resident/ Citizen can sponsor–  

  • Grandparents 
  • Dependent child 
  • His/her Spouse 
  • Common-law partner  
  • Adopted child  
  • Parents 
  • Conjugal partner  

Pre-Requisites of a Sponsor who wishes to move to Canada- 

Apart from being a Canadian citizen/ Resident following are the other requirements a sponsor needs to fulfill in order to meet the eligibility criteria.  

  1. The minimum age is 18 years.  
  2. Should not be barred or charged with a serious offense.  
  3.  Should not be bankrupt. 
  4. The intention of the sponsor should be crystal clear and they must live in Canada after their partner comes 
  5. He/she should prove that they are potentially viable to support their family member financially in case of need. 
  6. They should not be under any removal order if a Permanent Resident. 
  7. It is also crucial that the sponsor agrees to the Canadian government and also the provincial government of Quebec that they will be able to support the family member only for a definite time period. Additionally, the sponsored relative also needs to put effort into supporting themselves. 

Importance of Legal help for Family Sponsorship procedure. 

Even if the Government of Canada prioritizes the procedure of Family Sponsorship applications, being unsuccessful still has a probability. All the requirements should be met and the slightest error can lead to the denial of the application. To utilize this opportunity to its fullest and leave no scope of error, one must take the help of a legal professional who has the efficiency in providing an applicant with the best chance to get sponsorship. 


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