Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program AINP

 The Alberta Immigration Nominee Program. A program supported by the Canadian Government and the provincial government itself. It will be them welcoming you as an immigrant and citizen of Canada with open arms. Your language proficiency, occupation, IELTS score, qualifications, international work experience, work permit in Canada, sponsorship, etc. can be helpful in fulfilling your dreams of immigrating to Canada and becoming a permanent resident of Canada and Alberta using the AINP program.

What is Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program?

The Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program is an initiative by the government of Alberta, supported by the government of Canada, to select immigrants who fit the labour gaps of their province. If you have a skill that matches the jobs they have available or the labour-market of Alberta, you have a chance to be nominated by this program and become a permanent resident of Canada. Not just you alone, even your common-law partner, spouse, and children can reap the same privilege. 

Can I apply for Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program?

Under this program, there are not just one, but 4 streams you can apply through. The four streams, their criteria, and what to do after you apply to that particular stream are discussed below:

1. Alberta Opportunity Stream (AOS)

This stream is meant for you if you are a temporary foreign worker in Alberta looking for permanent residence in the province. You must be a skilled worker under the temporary resident status.

Eligibility criteria

  • Your valid status must be one of a temporary foreign resident in Alberta at the time of mailing of your application
  • You must be holding a valid work permit in your hands if you wish to be working in Alberta as well as Canada. You must be having a job offer from a legitimate employer living in Canada.
  • You must not have refugee claims or be involved in any federal or legal refugee claims.
  • You must not be a resident of any other province than Alberta.
  • The occupation you are currently in must be an eligible occupation as per the labour market of Alberta. These are specified in detail on their official website.
  • To meet the language criteria, you must have the required score in the English language as per CBL standards, or in French as per the NCLC standards based on your occupation skill type 
  • To meet the education requirements, you must have at least completed high school level education as per the standards of the government of Alberta. 
  • You must also have worked in a full-time occupation for a year in the last 18 months or for 2 years in the last 30 months. 

How to apply

  • Thoroughly read the terms and conditions of the program.
  • Ensure that you fulfill all the set eligibility criteria of the Alberta Opportunity Stream
  • Methodically fill out and complete your online application on the AINP portal along with the submission of the required documents.
  • This application comes with a cost of $500. Pay the fee. 

2. Alberta Express Entry Stream 

You cannot directly apply to this stream, or use your application in another stream for this one. If you have an Express Entry profile and online application submitted with Alberta as your choice of the province and you meet the eligibility criteria, the Alberta Immigration Nominee Program authorities will notify you by sending you an invitation welcoming your application for this stream.

Eligibility criteria

  • As mentioned earlier, you must have an active Express Entry profile and application.
  • You must meet the set eligibility criteria of one of the three programs: Federal Skilled Trades Class (FSTC), Federal Skilled Workers Program (FSWP) or the Canadian Experience Class (CEC). You can read in-depth about the set eligibility criteria of each of these programs on our website.
  • You must be able to live as well as work in the province of Alberta.
  • You must have an occupation that meets the demands of the labour market of the province, as well as add to its economic development.
  • It increases your chances of being nominated if you have a valid job offer from an employer in the province or already work in the province, have studied in some capacity or graduated from Alberta, or have a close relative who is a permanent resident of this province. 

How to apply

  • If you receive an invitation or notification stating that the government of Alberta is interested in your Express Entry profile, respond to the notification by sending them a copy of this notification and your Express Entry profile number 
  • You will then be receiving the link to the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program portal for this stream. It is a request from the authorities of the Alberta Immigration Nominee Program to you, to apply under this stream.
  • Read the terms and conditions of the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program and the stream thoroughly.
  • Ensure you meet the given eligibility criteria to poly under this stream.
  • Methodically complete your online application with the submission of the required documents as well as pay the fees due.

3. International Graduate Entrepreneur Immigration Stream

Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP)
If you wish to immigrate to the province of Alberta and get a permanent residency as well as citizenship of Canada, we might have just the program for you.
If you are an international graduate with a certification in the form of a degree or diploma showing your post-secondary education from the province of Alberta if you are looking for business immigration and a permanent resident visa, then you can apply for permanent residence through this program under this stream. 

Eligibility criteria

  • You must have spent 2 years educating in Alberta. This implies you must have a school certificate or a degree/diploma from Alberta
  • You must have a post-graduation work permit authorized to you by designated institutes in Alberta.
  • The work permit must be valid for a minimum of 2 years at the time your application is being considered.
  • For language proficiency, you must have a minimum score of 7 by Canadian Language Benchmark standards in English and 7 by NCLC standards in French in the 4 areas of a language: reading, writing, understanding and speaking. 
  • You must either intend to start a business in Alberta or own at least 34% of an existing business in the province. This must also satisfy the occupation requirements of the territory.
  • Your business partners must either be either Canadian citizens or permanent residents.
  • You must have at least 6 months of experience in a business-related field, ownership, management, entrepreneurship or incubation.

How to apply

  • Carefully read and understand the terms and conditions
  • Review and ensure that you meet the requirements of this stream
  • Along with the required documents, submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) to be scored by the program
  • If you are further notified, submit your business application and pay the required fee.

4. Self-Employed Farmer Stream

Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP)
If you wish to immigrate to the province of Alberta and get a permanent residency as well as citizenship of Canada, we might have just the program for you.
If you are experienced in farm management and looking to own and start your own farm or work on one in and permanently move to Alberta, if you want a Canadian visa or a work visa and live in Canada then this stream is for you.

Eligibility criteria

  • You are required to submit proof of your farm management skills and experience in the form of financial documents, documents proving your education and training in farm-related activities, a business proposal for the farm you wish to own in Alberta, and financial proof that a financing firm will be willing to provide you funds for the same. 
  • You must not be a refugee or have federal refugee claims.
  • You must not be a live-in caregiver in the country
  • Your status must not be of a temporary foreign worker living outside of Alberta.
  • You must not be an international student who is in Canada as part of a study program or on a temporary internship

How to apply

  • Diligently go through the terms and conditions of the stream as well as the program
  • Submit a proposal of your business plan
  • The authorities will respond to your plan, giving you a decision whether you can continue further with your application or not. This invitation to apply comes after the rigorous screening of applications. 
  • Complete and submit the forms and online applications along with submission of supporting documents and payment of the application fee
Apart from Alberta, the rest of the provinces such as Manitoba, Ontario, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Northwest Territories, Yukon, Prince Edward Island, and Saskatchewan, all have their own provincial nominee programs. If Alberta isn’t the province for you, you can check the eligibility criteria of the streams of programs of all these provinces. The province of Quebec has a different program to nominate applicants for Canadian citizenship and a resident visa or permanent Canadian residence.  Choose wisely but quickly check if you are qualifying for the application process according to the standards set by the Canadian Immigration Law since the applications are few and opportunities and many!

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