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Our Team

We are ImmigToronto, a dedicated group of immigration experts who have pledged to take you through a seamless process of Canadian immigration. We value our clients and guide them on every step while they make the most important decision of their life. Based in Florida (USA), ImmigToronto also holds its flag in Sweden and Canada.

At ImmigToronto you will find a trustworthy team of immigration, Visa experts, and lawyers who will provide consultation services to you on how to work, live and explore a plethora of opportunities in Canada. Our team has RCIC verified experts on board who provide a sense of reliability and security. ImmigToronto has been providing experienced immigration consultancy for over a decade in the industry and has a successful record of managing cases from Latin America, Asia, and Gulf countries.


RCIC experts associated with ImmigToronto

Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) are authorized professionals by the federal government of Canada. They are verified and approved individuals who provide personal assistance and guidance leading to Permanent Residency status to people moving to Canada.

Immigration Consultant Denis Korobov

Denis Korobov is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) with a license number R508008, a member of The College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants with over ten years of experience in the field of Canadian immigration.

Denis has extensive experience in virtually every Canadian immigration category from Students to Entrepreneurs, specializing in economic immigration, and is an accomplished advocate skilled in representing clients before the Immigration and Refugee Board.

Denis taught immigration law at Ashton College as part of the Immigration Consultant Diploma Program for 3 years and currently conducts Continuous Professional Development seminars to share his vast legal experience with Canadian lawyers and immigration consultants.

Immigration Lawyer Sunil Maheshi

ImmigToronto also presents, lawyer Sunil Maheshi (Maheshi Law) to you, who is proficient in all immigration-related services for professionals and families alike from all over the globe. Having completed his N.C.A (Federation of Law Societies), Maheshi cleared the Law Society of Ontario’s Bar Exams, completed L.P.P. (Law Practice Program from Ryerson University Toronto), and then worked with Ramesh Patel Law Professional Corporation in Toronto.

He has helped numerous newcomers with great enthusiasm and commitment to serving the best.

Immigration Consultant Jean Toews

Jean Toews is one of our expert professionals who is a verified Immigration Consultant of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) with a license number R507061. Our immigration expert Jean Toews is also a member of the CAPIC (Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants).

Over the span of 10 years in the industry, she has dealt with a diversity of professionals from across the globe and helped them to move to Canada. Experienced in business and management consultation too, Toews is extremely assuring to all the newcomers who want to seek a home in Canada.

ImmigToronto strives to be the most trusted in the industry. We value our clients’ needs and worth. We, with the help of our high-ranking professionals and leading experts in the industry, bring a complete package of immigration services that will be the best for you and your loved ones! We are customer-oriented and our extraordinary capacity to give a human touch to the services that we provide makes us stand out from the rest. The competence and valor to bring out the most legitimate and transparent corporate practices in the field of immigration reflect the depth of moral values.

Thus, choose the most trusted immigration consultation service- a team that has immigration practitioners who are licensed and verified, lawyers, ICCRC members, financial advisory, and consultants who are expertise in investments.

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