Canadian Tourist Visa- navigating through its details 

A Canadian Tourist Visa is something you will need if you’re looking forward to moving to Canada. Whether you wish to visit the country for vacation or reunite with your family members residing in Canada, you will certainly need a Canada Tourist Visa. Additionally, Canadian visas are primarily of two types: single-entry or multiple-entry. 

Canada Tourist Visa- its details 

The Canadian Visitor Visa enables individuals to visit the country for up to 6 months. Foreign nationals have the chance to visit the country once using the single-entry visa type. Conversely, a multiple-entry visa enables an individual to visit Canada frequently based on the validity of the visa.  

Usually, applicants have access to multiple-entry visas by default, while single-entry visas apply to specific individuals pertaining to exceptional circumstances.  

Notably, multiple-entry visa holders can move to Canada for up to six months period at a time, provided the visa remains valid. 

Remember the essential points under this visa; they’re as follows: 

  • Individuals can access this visa type to fulfill only tourism or leisure purposes. 
  • The tourist visa is not meant for work purposes or work applications. 
  • Your dependents and children can accompany you. 
  • The Canadian visitor visa usually takes around 27 days once you submit your applications. 

Canada visitor visa- eligibility requirements 

Aspiring applicants seeking a Canadian visitor visa must meet the following eligibility requirements: 

  • They must not display any intention of searching for jobs in Canada or working in Canada. 
  • Aspiring applicants must present proof of sufficient funds to financially assist themselves and their families during their stay period.  
  • Must be fully aware of Canadian laws and must adhere to them during their stay.  
  • Zero criminal records to their name. 
  • If they intend to reside with their relatives or friends, they must show a letter of invitation from their sponsor. 
  • Specific country applicants will also require a temporary resident visa. 
  • Often, specific applicants might require additional requirements to enter Canada. However, these other criteria will depend upon their profiles.  

Submitting relevant documents 

The Canadian Tourist Visa has the following requirements: 

  • You must possess a valid passport with an expiry date beyond six months.  
  • Demonstrate through your documents that you have strong connections with your home country. 
  • Presenting proof through financial statements of your financial capability for self-reliance and assisting your family members. 
  • Showcasing a letter of invitation from your sponsors or relatives, in case you have plans to temporarily reside with them. 
  • Also, you must display a medical clearance certificate (in case of medical examination). 

Applicants who require a Canadian Tourist visa can submit their application online or by physically visiting the Visa application center. All your family members accompanying you to Canada must complete submitting individual application forms. This also includes children under 18 years. However, you do have the option of submitting all the applications at a single time. Applicants might also require to submit the biometric impression based on their nature of citizenship.  

It is crucial to include the following information: 

  • The purpose of visiting the destination. 
  • Elaborating on your future plan concerning the expenditure of your trip. 
  • Confirming that you have sufficient finances to take care of your needs and your family’s needs during the stay. 
  • In case someone else is sponsoring you, proof of your relationship with that person. Also, the reason behind the sponsor choosing you. 
  • Presenting all information related to your travel plans in Canada. This must include all important dates and your schedule in Canada. 
  • Justifying your source of income. 
  • Even the smallest details of your flight. 

Canadian Tourist visa- eligibility conditions 

The process to obtain a Canadian Tourist visa includes the following essential requirements: 

  • All the applicants must provide proof regarding their settlement funds to ensure they have the sufficient financial capability. 
  • Ensure that there is no job searching activity going on in Canada on the pretext of a Canada Tourist visa. 
  • The individuals are ready to adhere to all existing Canadian laws and have no prior criminal record.  
  • Applicants must present the invitation letters from their sponsors if they intend to stay with their relatives or friends temporarily in Canada. 
  • Specific country applicants will need to show a temporary resident visa. 
  • Your profile will determine if you will need to submit more essential documents or proof while entering the country. 

Common FAQs 

Is there a possibility of extending a Canadian visitor visa? 

If an individual is already in Canada using a visitor visa, they can apply for a visitor status to prolong their stay in the country. Also, you will need to apply for the status while you’re in Canada by visiting the Canadian immigration office. However, it is essential that you apply for an extension before the expiry of your visitor visa. Generally, per the norm, you will acquire a visitor status for up to six months. 

What are the ways through which I can determine if I need a visitor visa before traveling to Canada? 

You must consider the following points to decide whether you need a visa or eTA: 

  • The travel documents you will be carrying during your travel. 
  • A country that authorized your travel document. 
  • Your travel plan for your Canadian journey and your nationality.  

What is the application procedure for a Canadian Tourist visa? 

Applicants seeking to apply from India will need to consider the following guidelines: 

  • The application form– Visit the official website of Canada’s government and download the application form for the Canada Visit Visa. Also, download the document checklist and proceed to fill out the complete application form. Click the ‘Validate’ button and get its printout. 
  • Book accommodation and flight– To provide funding proof, you might need to provide copies of accommodation and flight bookings. 
  • Covering letter and Canada visa documents– The covering letter must be attached to your application form and it must justify the reason behind your visit to Canada. Make sure you display proof regarding your financial capability. 
  • Visa and passport collection– It usually takes at least 10 to 14 working days to acquire a Canadian visitor visa. You will need to visit the visa office to obtain your visa and passport. 

What are the conditions for extending Canada’s Visitor visa? 

It is essential to fulfilling the following conditions to extend your Canada visit visa- 

  • Canada must be your present living destination. 
  • Hold a valid passport for the duration of your trip. 
  • Fee payment related to IMM 5708. 
  • Other study or work permit validity must not coincide with your Canada visitor permit. 


Accessing a Canada Visitor visa or Tourist visa is possible if you meet all the above requirements. Keeping all factors in mind will certainly increase your chances of a successful application process. Also, do hire an immigration consultant for a more accurate application procedure.  

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