Temporary Resident Permit- solving Canadian inadmissibility issues 

A Temporary Resident Permit refers to a document that makes it possible for technically inadmissible people to enter Canada. This permit covers two kinds of inadmissible people, those who suffer from medical inadmissibility and those with criminal inadmissibility. However, a TRP applies to those situations when the individual holds a valid reason for admitting to Canada. Additionally, there are more advantages than risks concerning their entry into Canada.  

This further implies that the person’s entry into Canada will prove substantial for the country, or it could be simply a trip associated with work.  

It is the duty of Canadian Border Service officers to decide regarding the approval of Temporary Resident Permit applications. These officers determine the magnitude of risks involved in letting an individual enter Canada. Therefore, they have complete authority to analyze whether the person deserves to be in Canada as a Temporary Resident.  

Requirement of a Temporary Resident Permit 

Individuals suffering from inadmissibility issues in Canada need a Temporary Resident Permit, provided their requirement to come to Canada is genuine and valid. Supposedly, if an individual is criminally inadmissible to Canada and underwent criminal conviction fewer than five years ago, TRP will certainly prove beneficial for him.  

Also, if a person becomes inadmissible, his family members too will become inadmissible to Canada. The accompanying family members must apply for their individual TRPs before a Canadian Border Service Officer determines their eligibility to enter Canada.  

Once an individual possesses a TRP and stays in Canada, he must follow certain obligations and rules to remain in the country. Hence, he will be liable to strictly follow the given laws in Canada.  

Additionally, they must receive permits along with TRP to opt for work and studies in Canada. Besides this, they will need to have valid authorization in case they need to leave Canada and then re-enter. The individual will have to leave the country once his TRP expires.  

TRP- application procedure 

The primary condition for people applying for a TRP is their ability to prove the reason behind the visit. The application process for all individuals will vary based on the location from where the applicant is applying for a TRP. However, Canadian visa offices prevalent in the countries will provide all essential information regarding the requirements. The fee for a TRP application won’t be refunded, and it will be around $200CAD. 

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