Parent and Grandparent Program- To Sponsor Parents and Grandparents  

Canada’s Parent and Grandparent Program (PGP) makes it possible for Canadian citizenship and permanent residency holders to sponsor their parents and grandparents in moving to Canada. 

IRCCs future plan for PGP 

The IRCC department will be seen welcoming approximately 25,000 immigrants in 2022 along with 28,500 and 32,000 immigrants in 2023 and 2024 respectively. 

In the past, it accepted up to 30,000 applications between September to October to help permanent residency and Canadian Citizenship holders for parents’ and grandparents’ sponsorship. 

Eligibility criteria to be invited for PGP sponsors 

In 2021, the sponsorship process for parents and grandparents had been conducted differently with random sponsors being selected and invited from those interests to sponsor forms initially submitted by applicants. IRCC had set an application target which was met through numerous invites being sent to potential sponsors. 

IRCC introduces a new Digital Intake Tool 

To modernize the Canadian immigration system, IRCC introduced a new Digital Intake Tool for Permanent Residence applications sent through electronics. This has indeed further simplified the process also making it fast-paced. 

Parent and Grandparent Program- An Outline 

The Parent and Grandparent Program (PGP) provides sponsorship to parents and grandparents under Canada’s Family Class Immigration through the Canadian citizens and permanent residency holders who are related to them. 

Benefits of becoming sponsored parents and grandparents 

Parents and grandparents after being sponsored can themselves attain permanent residency and Canadian citizenship status. They are able to experience the following benefits: 

  • They equally own the right of living and work in Canada irrespective of time and location-based restrictions.  
  • They can make full use of the healthcare and all other services which are publicly funded. 
  • 21,000 new permanent residents, under the multi-year immigration plans of the Canadian government, will be welcomed as permanent residents through the Parent and Grandparent Program annually. 

PGP Eligibility Criteria 

Under the Parent and Grandparent Program, the sponsors and those who are being sponsored, both need to fulfill the eligibility criteria.  

The following criteria need to be fulfilled for the sponsor’s category: 

  • The sponsor must hold Canadian citizenship and also permanent residency status. 
  • The sponsor is also required to fulfill the set income requirement. 
  • They must be able to support their dependents and the family members financially. 

Signed Agreement between a Sponsor and Sponsored 

The agreement between a sponsor and the one who is being sponsored must be based on the following points: 

  • This agreement holds the sponsor responsible for financially assisting the sponsored family member, dependent, or relative from the very date he or she becomes a permanent resident. The duration must be from 3 to 20 years, which is also dependent on the age and relationship factors of the sponsored individual. 
  • The agreement also confirms that the individual obtaining permanent residency status will prove to be self-reliant during his or her stay. 

PGP requirements for Quebec 

Quebec has separate requirements for those interested in the Parent and Grandparent Program.  

  • An undertaking must be signed by the Quebec residents as a seal to the sponsorship. 
  • Being a sponsor requires you to get approval from the IRCC and you must be able to meet the standard sponsorship requirements of Quebec. 

Preparation for the ‘Interest to Sponsorship’ Form 

You must ensure that you have all the information available before you start filling out the ‘Interest to Sponsor form’. You must keep the digital copies of your passport and Canadian status proof ready with you. 

If you are trying to sponsor your parents and grandparents then you must ensure to fill in the following details: 

  • As a sponsor, you must provide your first name, middle name, and last name. 
  • Please ensure that the name you enter is exactly identical to the one written in your passport and the Canadian status document that you will be submitting officially. 
  • Accurate date of birth matching your documents. 
  • The accurate birth country and territory. 

Home Adress Requirements 

There are certain home address requirements that must be accurately met, they are as follows: 

  • Residing in Canada is essential for sponsoring others. 
  • Your complete address must include all the field requirements. 
  • These fields include each and every part of your postal address such as the street number and name along with the province, territory, and postal code. 
  • A valid email ID for contact purposes. 
  • Family members living with you or your immediate family relations. 
  • Family members (in number) sponsored by you previously and for others who are still dependent on you financially. 
  • Those family members (in number) you wish to sponsor in the future and the ones dependent on them (parents, spouse, or children). 
  • Basic details of the parents and grandparents who are being sponsored. The details include their accurate name and date of birth. Details of those dependents who will not be accompanying you in Canada need not be included. 
  • Your digital signature must be there. 

Document number required  

You will need to submit the document number of your passport and Canadian status proof. The number must be the same as the document you submit to the higher authorities. If it fails to match then the application will be returned. 

Super Visa 

Not everyone would want to apply for their parents and grandparents through the Parent and Grandparent Program (PGP) because they might not have received an invitation for applying or maybe because they urgently want their parents or grandparents to arrive in Canada. 

There is another possible way for the same provided by the IRCC. It permits parents and grandparents (of the Canadian citizens and permanent residency holders) to extend their visits to Canada. This is possible through the Super Visa, which enables the visitors to extend their stay up to two years upon their entry to Canada. The validity of the Super Visa is up to 10 years and so the visitors can keep coming to Canada in those 10 months. 

Things to remember for the Super Visa 

 The following things must be noted for the Super Visa program: 

  • The Super Visa program doesn’t apply for permanent residency. 
  • The applicants must be medically insured through a private firm and need to be authorized to work in Canada. 
  • Applicants aren’t required to get an invitation to apply and are allowed to submit their application irrespective of time and also get approval to arrive in Canada. 

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