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Living in Manitoba

Living in Manitoba

Manitoba has long been known for its safe cities, air that is clean as well as the wide cultural and languages it accommodates. More than 200 languages are most commonly spoken by the residents of this province of Canada. Manitoba has also been very warm and welcoming towards immigrants for more than a century now. This is greatly influenced and made Canada what it is today. Free public healthcare services for its residents as well as free education for its children ensures a bright future for the province.

With the cheapest housing available in the whole of Canada, and a population of 762,000, Winnipeg boasts the status of being the capital of Manitoba. It is very affordable to live in Manitoba. It also has many local tourist attractions as well as has many job and employment opportunities for its residents. Irrespective of your likes, you will find that Manitoba is suitable for housing you and your family.

Where Is Manitoba In Canada

Situated between Saskatchewan, commonly known as the prairie province and Ontario, Manitoba has a very unique biosphere. It contains within its bounds more than 80 Provincial parks. These can be enjoyed by all, irrespective of their age, who wish to take part in outdoor activities. You can canoe, hike, bike, camp or fish on your adventures of exploration. The province also has many rivers to support your water activities.


Manitoba is a prairie province. It also has hills and grasslands. The winters get very cold but the weather comes around during the summers. From July through August, the temperature in the south of the province will average around 22°C to 38°C. The summers are also famously humid. This is due to the presence of the Gulf of Mexico a few thousand kilometres towards the south of Manitoba which constantly sends in warm winds. The province is sunny to live in and springtime has clear blue skies.

Cost of Living in Manitoba

For planning a better future, you must research the costs and living standards of the province. This is one of the best provinces to buy a house in. The average house costs about $222,000. The province also gives a lot of flexibility to those who own a house or are planning to in the form of low mortgage rates. Special offers can also be availed for your first home mortgage loan. If you want to take benefit of a higher standard of life but not have a price tag on it, then Manitoba is the place to plan out your future.

Economy Of Manitoba

Manitoba has many diverse industries. The booming economy of Manitoba has ensured that it has the lowest rate of unemployment in Canada since the year 2017. This was also the largest decrease rate of unemployment recorded. If you wish to work in Canada then you must become familiar with the biggest and best industries that are in Manitoba.

The industry of aerospace in Manitoba is the largest compared to all of western Canada. It has more than 5300 experts working for it in the field of aerodynamics and exports its goods all over the world.

The centre of Easter Manitoba is very fertile. This is the region that fuels the agricultural industry of Manitoba. More than 200 companies of Manitoba province are dedicated to food and agricultural goods production. Many also produce equipment and farming tools to help the agricultural industry boom in Manitoba.

A new immigration stream was launched recently by the government of Manitoba called the Farm Investor Pathway. This is designed specifically for the farming industry of the province. It allows immigrants who are skilled in the area of farming and agriculture a chance to gain permanent residence in the province.

Another major industry of the province is the construction industry. The average earning of a construction worker was nearly $41k per annum due to the increase in labour income of the industry. The housing and real estate industry has also grown a lot in the past decade. This growth has certainly been due to the rising demands of the immigrants who arrive in the province each year. This also means that the industry is projected to grow in a steady manner for a long time to come.

Manitoba is very eco-friendly. This is mostly because the province produces and uses clean energy and practices sustainable development. Plans have also been set in place for the growth of the geothermal power production and wind power production and output of the province. This is to make sure that there are more areas of Canada that have a supply of clean energy that is cost-effective as well as a long-term energy solution. $15 billion investments have been planned to further the hydroelectric power production projects in the next coming decade.

Another important industry is the ratio market industry of Manitoba. With more than 66000 people in its employment, it accounts for approximately 7.3% of the economy of the province of Manitoba.

The Demographics Distribution in Manitoba

An insight into the local community is the best way to determine if a province is a right place for you to settle or not. Manitoba is made famous for the inclusive and welcoming spirit of its community. This translates to the fact that immigrants from all the different walks of life can easily find a living place or home here. Even though more than 200 languages are spoken in the province, most people can communicate in French or English.

The province of Manitoba is the most common choice of immigrants. This has led to the creation of support and training groups for settlement as well as to help with your language to make you feel right at home. This was especially started for newcomers to Canada and their family members. The presence of these training groups will ensure that your transition to becoming a resident of Manitoba is smooth and easy. You will be able to find a community that suits you because there are numerous of them scattered across the province.

Studying in Manitoba

Living in Manitoba will help you gain a welcome into the community, a good job from opportunities of the job market as well as good quality education.

5 options are available to international students and graduates who want to complete their education in Manitoba. These are in the form of the University of Winnipeg, Brandon University, University of Manitoba, Université de Saint-Boniface and Providence University College.

A very wide range of education programs is available in the University of Winnipeg along with classes with small batches of students. There is also a campus that will let you thoroughly experience student life. Students come to this university from as many as 68 countries, and this university accepts 600 applications from international students every year. This university also has very low tuition fee charges, the third-lowest in the whole of Canada. This is below the average fee charged at the various other universities of the nation.

The University of Manitoba can also be the perfect place for you to gain an international education. It has a diverse curriculum and offers many fields of study to its students. The tuition rate is slightly higher than that of the University of Winnipeg. An average student will pay up to $16,500 every year in tuition fees.

Brandon University is preferred by many international students because of the huge number of scholarships and scholarship opportunities that this university offers. Board of Governors Entrance, Automatic Consideration and Applied for Scholarships, Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate are the four major types of scholarships offered by the University. This university has a small and tight-knit community of 3660 students who are either full-time students or part-time students. Faculties are available to prepare students in the field of arts, education and teaching, graduate studies, sciences, health and medicine as well as music.

Main Attractions Of Manitoba

The natural beauty of Manitoba is an experience of a lifetime. It also has many locations with historical significance, museums and exhibitions. These are the places that will tell you the story of how Manitoba came to be the province that it has become now.

The province of Manitoba is also known for its wide variety of cultural events and festivals. These are supported by many tourist and touring companies and art events and exhibitions. Some of the memorable events that you must not miss while in Winnipeg include the Jazz festival, Pride Winnipeg, Fringe Theatre Festival, Dauphin’s Countryfest and Manitoba Stampede.

Manitoba Nominee Programs

The province of Manitoba is also looking for some skilled or semi-skilled workers and hence accepts more than 15000 immigrants each year and gives them an oppressive to become permanent residents in the province through their provincial nominee program. There is a steady increase in the demand for skilled and talented workers which gave rise to the implementation of the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program by the government of Canada. This program is in place to allow immigrants to gain immigration and citizenship of the country of Canada and become permanent resident status in Manitoba.

Graduates, Entrepreneurs, and skilled workers can immigrate to Manitoba and settle in Canada if they have the right skill set, educational qualifications, language skills, and experience that can come in handy to fill the gaps in the labor market of Manitoba.

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program has two streams under it that allow skilled workers who have work experience that is relevant to the local labor market to gain Canada PR. These two streams are Skilled Workers Overseas and another stream for those in Manitoba.

Both of the programs require that the one who is applying should have a connection to the province before the submission of the application is completed. This could be that they have studied in Manitoba before, completed secondary or higher secondary level of education by a recognized educational institution in Manitoba or they have family members or one family member currently residing in Manitoba or they have a promise of employment opportunity from a recognized employer in Manitoba. In adjunct to these, there are other additional requirements as well. The acceptance of your application for permanent residency depends on whether you fulfil the requirements or not. In case of meeting the requirements, you will receive ITA.

The province of Manitoba also has a pathway for entrepreneurs called the Entrepreneur Pathway. This will allow you to immigrate to Manitoba if you get nominated as a business owner who is qualified. You can also qualify as a person who wishes to invest and start their own business in the province of Manitoba in the next 2 years. This requires you to show proof of fund as well as ownership of the business along with the submission of a plan of how you wish to start and grow the business in Canada

The newly formed Farmer Investor Stream focuses on those applicants who wish to buy or start their own fame in Manitoba in the rural areas. If you wish to apply through this stream, you will have to show proof that you have sufficient capital as well as the ability and experience of farm work.

Why you should live in Montreal, Advantages

Why you should live in Montreal, Advantages

Montreal is a very unique city in various manners. There is a combination of both European and North America Cities. There are very rare cities that are able to provide such surroundings that make you feel good and adventurous every day. It is a city of multiculturalism, multilingualism and innovations having energetic neighbourhoods and surroundings as nobody can resist falling in love with this city. There are a large number of opportunities for available businesses as well as employment and also offer chances to establish as an Entrepreneur. There are various reasons that make Montreal a great place to live in. 

  1. Superior Quality of Life

Montreal is known as the fourth- great city to live in. There are numerous qualities which can offer you a quality life in Montreal such as the stable political status, best social life, growing economy and best socio-cultural environment, best health care services, world-class education system and many more facilities you can get in Montreal which make it a worth living place. 

  1. Multicultural Vibe

According to a survey Montreal has the fifth rank around the world as the best city for refugees. Most of the population in Montreal in the Western Hemisphere is speaking the Canadian language of French. 

It is also famous for its multilingual and multicultural city of French Canada. Montreal is also known for its entertaining environment as you can enjoy cinema anytime. Quebec preferably invests a lot for cultural development and you will notice a very long list of festivals celebrated in Montreal and all above you can attend and enjoy all these festivals free of cost. you can enjoy the live music scenes Montreal is a city where artists can survive, It gives more importance to culture than business. You can see various artists here who play in bands and DJ parties, some have their own art studios. 

According to a survey conducted on 20, 000 foreign residents belonging to different countries consider Montreal a safe city to live in. This city offers their people job satisfaction, work-life balance so that they can easily adjust to their local culture. 

  1. A Great Place to Raise Children

Child care is very costly in Canada and puts a lot of burden on parents. They used to spend half of their income to pay these charges. Instead of this trend worldwide, Montreal is a less expensive city for child care in comparison to others. This quality also makes it an alluring and worth living place for families who are having small children. The per month cost for childcare in Montreal is $175. 

  1. Excellent Education Opportunities

Montreal is famous for its Education and students. It has received the title of a top city of North America for students and education opportunities. After composing the annual list, Montreal successfully fulfilled necessary factors like the safety of the students, affordable education system, ease to assess for international students. It provides high-quality universities for its students. Montreal’s multicultural life, high-quality education institutions, and numerous amusement options. Montreal has continuously been considered the top-best student city around the world. 

  1. Prosperous Job Market

Many top Canadian employers are settled in Montreal that’s why job opportunities are very high here. Because of having tech companies and industries, there is a vital range of job opportunities in Montreal. 

If you want to get a job in Montreal, it’s very important to know about industries that want to hire new employees. There are the 5 most demanding jobs in Montreal, which provides opportunities for qualified and skilled people to get jobs in these industries. 

  • Teacher
  • Registered Nurse
  • Construction Crew
  • Visual FX Artist / Animator
  • Auto Mechanic

Montreal is the second-largest region of Canada which is economically developed and has a large huge population when compared to other cities of Canada. Montreal keeps on growing and expanding with time, that’s why it is attracting the professionals and job seekers who want to do jobs and establish their business in Montreal. There are vital job opportunities in Montreal that will help you achieve your future goals. 

For entrepreneurs and startup companies you will get a very suitable and perfect atmosphere. Montreal having some people who actively indulge in entrepreneurial ventures and like to organize events regularly. 

  1. Affordable Housing Options

Montreal has affordable housing options for renters. About 63% of the people in the city are renting. The monthly rent in Montreal is very low than in other Canadian cities. you have to pay approximately $855 for a two-bedroom house here. 

If you want to buy your own home in Montreal, you can buy a home at very affordable prices. According to statistics of Real Estate Brokers, there will be a surge in the price of all types of houses especially at the end of 2019. Prices are very relatively lower than in the counterparts of the country. you can get your own home in Montreal and enjoy your life here with lots of new opportunities. 

  1. Colorful Neighborhoods with Unique Charm

Montreal is a city of different cultures, Montreal’s neighbourhoods are also very different because people with various cultures live there as different as the people living in them which has 19 different localities that are separated into neighbourhoods. Each locality has its own specific customs and specialty. 

The Hochelaga-Maisonneuve is the region where working-class francophones and numerous students lived. Little Italy is situated in the Rosemont-La Petite Patrie region, where the second-largest Italian population lived. You will get a huge variety of Italian-Canadian shops and restaurants and the oldest public market, Jean-Talon Market. Le Plateau is famous for its energetic youthful events and a wide range of eatables and clubs. While Mile End is known for artistic click and world-famous musicians. Latin Quarter is famous for bars, theatres and restaurants. 

  1. Easy to Navigate

There are various options to move around Montreal. The STM public transportation is not very expensive and reliable which can make you visit different destinations in a very short time. 

It will be an adventure to move around Montreal on foot but if you don’t have much time to do so then you can think about biking because many streets in Montreal city are bike-friendly. 

  1. Abundant Events & Festivals

In Montreal, the entire city likes to celebrate and enjoy festivals all year long. According to a survey by the world cities forum about 380 festivals are being celebrated every year in Montreal so you can enjoy your life fully here for all seasons. Montreal celebrates the World Film Festival, International Jazz Festival, comedy festival, Beer Festival and the Food Festival and many more. 

  1. A Food-Lover’s Paradise

Montreal is heaven for food-loving people because there are numerous restaurants. The buzzing food scene is known for a variety of mouth-watering cuisines and its delicious food. Many dishes are famous here that you have to try. Various new restaurants are being constructed every day. 

  1. Tons of Green Spaces

Montreal balances its big city harmony with urban spaces and beautiful green parks. You can see tons of green spaces in Montreal and you can get quality entertainment outdoors. Montreal city is also making plans to make and develop a huge municipal park in Canada. 

  1. Language

Montreal is the very famous multilingual city of Canada. More than half of the population can speak both languages French and English. Almost a third part of the population neither speaks French nor English. A huge population of Montreal can speak three or four different languages except for English or French. You can meet Portuguese Montrealers here who speak Portuguese, English, French and Spanish too. The Vietnamese refugees and immigrants used to send their children to high schools that have French as their primary language. 

  1. Underground city

There are many interconnected tunnels located under the city which covers around 32km. These tunnels connect people to shopping malls, metro subway stations, many universities, museums and restaurants etc. The metro system of Montreal is the most used and loved transport system. 

Montreal is a worth-living place in Canada. whether you come here to study or live. You can relish the varieties of food here. You can enjoy different events and festivals celebrated around the entire year. Montreal offers a large number of professional opportunities, you can get your own house at very affordable prices. Montreal has green lush parks, underground tunnels to visit from one place to another. Montreal is a really very cool place to live in.

Capital of Saskatchewan - Saskatoon

Capital of Saskatchewan - Saskatoon

Saskatoon is the biggest city in the province of Saskatchewan. The city has many other names such as Bridge City, Boomtown, Paris of the Prairies to name a few. And you can think of making this city your home. It is also the centre of the Saskatchewan province. Saskatoon shines is not merely a slogan for the city is one of the sunniest cities in the entire country of Canada. 

Demographics of Saskatoon

As is true for most cities in Canada and Canada itself, the city Saskatoon has people from many cultures living peacefully in it. There are people of diverse nationalities cohabiting in Saskatoon. The majority of the international immigrants are from the Asian countries of the Philippines and China along with India, the United Kingdom and Germany. The two official Canadian languages are English and French and the major part of the population of Saskatoon speaks one or both. 

Healthcare in Saskatoon

The government of Saskatchewan puts the priority on ensuring that their residents receive the best healthcare possible at the lowest rates. The healthcare services are of good quality. The city authorities have also worked to make sure that the waiting time period for surgeries is as less as possible. They have also kept their focus on the provision of reliable, safe and smart healthcare services that prioritizes the need of the patient above all else. 

The effort to provide the best health and wellness services to the residents of Saskatoon is supported by the Ministry of Health. This Ministry ensures that every regional healthcare authority receives funds as well as support from them. St. Paul’s Hospital and Saskatoon City Hospital along with the Royal University Hospital are the three main hospitals in the city of Saskatoon that fall under the jurisdiction of Saskatoon’s Regional Health Authority. 

The public healthcare system of Saskatoon is funded well. It provides a very wide range of healthcare services to meet and fulfill the wellness needs of the people of the city. The employers of the city of Saskatoon also provide healthcare insurance and coverage to their employees for any additional needs they may have that are not covered by the public system. These can include their dental needs, eye care, or their prescribed drugs and medicines. 


There are 58 different resident neighbourhoods in the city of Saskatoon. If you wish to reside in this city, you can definitely find one that suits and meets your needs. They may have parks or closeness to schools or services at walking distances. 

The region that is called Saskatoon in Saskatchewan comprises many towns and rural areas and is divided into 9 separate Suburban Development Areas. Each of these areas has approximately 50000 residents. 

Cost of Living in Saskatoon

The cost of living in Saskatoon is very reasonable. This is because Saskatoon has seen a steady increase in its population which has ensured that there is a steady growth in the employment rate and job market. There are many contributing factors to the fact that the city of Saskatoon offers affordable living. These include low cost of utilities, lower payments on car insurances as well as low cost of commuting and transport. Another factor that makes Saskatoon an affordable city for living in the lower provincial taxes. 

Industries in Saskatoon

Saskatoon had thriving agriculture and mining-based economy. But now it has transformed to centre around technical advancements and financial and banking services. This city has also gained recognition as the leader in the world in terms of agriculture biotechnology. This industry by its nature attracts investments from some of the leading pharma companies of the world. These investments have been substantial in nature. Saskatoon also has the University of Saskatchewan that is dedicated to research that makes the city flourish. 

Public Schools And Education In Saskatoon

There are more than 40 secondary level schools in this city that are under the supervision of Saskatoon Public School District. These offer education starting from kindergarten up to the 8th grade. There are more schools coming that are still in the planning stages. Many people buying homes in this city prefer it in an area that is in or near a school district. If you are looking to buy a home for permanently settling in Canada in Saskatoon, here are some things you should remember. 

You must keep in mind the distance between your home and the school you wish your child to attend as well as the safety of that route from your new permanent home’s location. Most families prefer having homes that are nearer to the school area and routes that have a lot of community involvement. The roadways are preferred to be suitable for walking or biking. 

Many communities in Saskatoon have a large amount of interest in community safety for their children and hence have schools closer to their neighbourhood. Most schools also have facilities for the overall development of your child such as playgrounds, centres for recreational activities as well as child care facilities that are equipped well and have adequate staff. These facilities are very common in many residential areas of the city. 

Main Attractions In Saskatoon

Saskatoon Zoo & Forestry Farm Park

Everyone can enjoy a visit to this place. There is also a separate smaller zoo in the vicinity for children to learn and explore. Visit this place for discovering nature and the natural and wildlife beauty as you wander or stroll in this park. 

Ukrainian Museum of Canada

This is the perfect place for art lovers. The museum will take you on a tour that describes how Canada came to be from the 19th century onwards due to the arrival of Ukrainian immigrants. It also depicts the folklore and traditions of the Ukrainian population. 

Beaver Creek Conservation Area

This is the outing perfectly meant for those who love to go, stay or spend time outdoors. It has an ecosystem that is unique and diverse. The landscape of the rolling prairies will help you unwind while being away from the busy cities.  It is also perfect for leisure strolling along the river of South Saskatchewan. It had pathways that you can explore while walking along the meadow creek. This area offers you the perfect chance to enter into a natural calming state. 

If you have a worry about your kids finding this area boring, then think again. There are parks that have many child-engaging activities that will help your child gain an understanding of the province of Saskatchewan and learn in new and fun ways. 

Persephone Theatre

This is the place to visit if you love live art performances. It will have you sighing, laughing, crying and immersing your attention into the world of creative and innovative theatre performances. These exhibitions of art are hosted in this wonderful Persephone theatre throughout the year. 

The theatres hosted here depict many genres such as comedy, tragedy, classics and even contemporary themes that resemble the modern era. The world of theatre is only limited by imagination, so come and check those limits yourself. 

Apex Trampoline Park

If you do not wish to visit any museums or parks and are bored, this trampoline park should be your next destination. It has for its visitors a wide variety of jumping sessions that can be enjoyed by toddlers and adults. Start defying gravity and free jumping. 

Many also agree that the best feature of this park is its Trampoline Park Night Club. It has a live DJ and surrounds sound systems to help you jump to the most insane beats. Talk about a jumping adventure and add music and beats to the mix and this will be the night where the party goes on and on, the one you will remember for a lifetime. 

Prairie Sun Brewery and Cafe

If you are a fan of fermented brews and good taste, this Cafe is for you. They have a large number of types of originally brewed drinks with homemade recipes that you can take a pick from. You will get the opportunity to try homemade ales and authentic Saskatchewan flavours. You can even try various drink signature international flavours and various fruity blends. Tired of the brewed. Try the cafe next, good food to choose from a unique and great selection. 

Remai Modern Art Gallery

This art gallery is situated on the bank of the Saskatchewan River. It has 11 separate viewing spaces. It hosts many art shows of various genres and designs that meet the tastes of art enthusiasts of this century. You can be immersed in this place going for tours and keep coming back for the other shows. The building itself has a theatre, a restaurant along its own stores, lounge areas and wall spaces designed for multi-use purposes. 

Lucky Bastard Distillers

If you like tasting cocktails, various types of spirits and liquors as well as relish designer drinks, this is the place to be. This distillery also offers its visitors a ride to see their entire brewing process, and along with those educational and adventurous sessions, you can sample and taste their excellent products. A collection of full samples of their menu can also be purchased at this distillery. 

Cranberry Flats Conservation Area 

This massive 6700 hectares in the area of land is what constitutes the Meewasin Valley. This area is more commonly for its conservation of nature. This is what renders these Flats a unique and beautiful view. The ecosystem here is full of birds of different kinds as well as the other wildlife that is indigenous to Saskatchewan. 

Cranberry Flats Conservation Area can be visited with your family for a day of exploring and adventure. You can also pack and plan for a picnic while sitting and relaxing on the beaches or take self-guided strolls on the paths in these Flats. 

Wanuskewin Heritage Park

This park is a mark in the times of Canada and tells the history of the Northern Plains, as well as the indigenous residents of Canada. This park helps visitors make a connection with and develop an understanding of the cultures of the societies that lived there and appreciate the history and culture of the country. 

There are tours that are taken by guides to help you in your learning of the historical landmarks as well the cultural dances and traditions. You can also take this chance to plan a camping trip under the Northern lights.

An Exciting Place to Reside - Toronto

An Exciting Place to Reside - Toronto

Toronto is a vibrant and lively city that is well known for an excellent and healthy lifestyle. The most populated city in Canada, it is the centre for a number of activities. It has a variety of businesses, cultural diversity as well as a wealth of entertainment. You can either make an investment in real estate or plan to relocate here. There are plenty of reasons why you should choose Toronto as the city to settle down in Canada permanently. 


A multicultural community 


Many diverse groups live harmoniously in Toronto. Many cultures have developed in the city from diverse backgrounds. People come from different ethnic beliefs, faiths and cultures to live a peaceful life in Toronto. The city has very friendly neighbourhoods, with almost no fights between residents. This is largely supported by the fact that more than half the people currently living as permanent residents of the city were originally from outside the country. 


A major part of the population settled permanently in Toronto but was born outside Canada. Even though they may have been born in different cities across the globe, they have deep roots in their own cultures and faiths.  This means that Toronto is a mix of cultures, beliefs and ethnicities all living in harmony. 


Healthcare That Is Of Quality And Free  


It is advantageous to live in a city that puts a priority on good healthcare and the wellbeing of its residents and has an effective system in place for just that. Canada offers universal health care to all its permanent residents and citizens. Those with citizenship have been promised good and affordable healthcare by the government of Canada. This is made available to all regardless of their race, age, religion, gender or income level. 


A huge amount of investments are being made in the healthcare industry. New and better educational institutions are being developed and many campaigns for the same reason are also underway. These all together greatly influence and better the lifestyle as well as the health and wellbeing of the residents of Toronto. 


Friendly People All-Around


The friendly and welcoming people are considered one of the best aspects of Toronto. The people of Canada in general welcome immigrants well and you will be greeted with smiling and cheerful faces. 


The residents of Toronto are known to go out of their way to help each other as well as newcomers. Hence, on your relocation to one of the friendly neighbourhoods, even if you do not have one person you know in the new city, you will feel right at home and be happy to have people always ready to help you. The good nature of the residents of Toronto is definitely positive. 


A City That Promotes Fitness


There are many lanes made especially for cycling and biking throughout the city of Toronto. These biking tracks are very famous and spread across a major part of the city. Many people make use of these to avoid the traffic when in a rush and reach their destination faster. Move Toronto is an example of a fitness club that is based in Toronto to help you keep fit and track your health. 


If you are a resident of Toronto, it is not necessary for you to own a bike to make use of the biking lanes and paths. Other options are also made available so you can share a bike or rent one for a period of time. Newer tracks are developed very often here. These give you a safe as well as a healthy way to traverse the city and enjoy the region. Physical activity is greatly promoted for the health and well-being, both physical and mental, of the residents. 


Green Spaces And Quality Water Access


It is a well-known fact that being close to nature and pure air and water is good for physical as well as mental health and a stable mind. Green spaces and parks are also essential for physical well-being. Those planning to settle permanently in Toronto do not have to worry about a lack of these. Spending time outdoors is known to promote health and emotional wellness. 


Toronto has a lot of open green spaces and parks. These exist in perfect blend with the urban relaxed lifestyle of the city. This means that you can spend your weekends or ideal time in the parks near you and relax during this time. There are places that are perfect for quaint or romantic getaways. You can even plan a short vacation with your family members or go on an exploration adventure alone. There are different beautiful scenes to see and cherish during each season in this city. 


World-Class High-Quality Restaurants


Similar to New York City, Toronto houses some of the finest cuisine restaurants with world-class dining options available. There are eateries where you can enrich your palette and enjoy cuisines from different parts of the world. There are also takeaway joints that serve quality food and give you the experience of fine dining at its best.  


Regardless of where you reside in this beautiful city, you will have healthy as well as delicious food and dining options close and available to you. Either for a change of taste or to explore some new cuisine from a different part of the world, all options are available. 


Multiple Sports Through The Year


The residents of Toronto put a lot of importance on fitness and wellbeing. This is the reason why there are a lot of programs for sports as well as various physical activities throughout the year. You will not have any difficulty planning a kayaking trip or opting to go for gold training. Resources are available so that residents can pursue almost any sport. 


Kayaks for kayaking trips and adventurous can be taken on rent to enjoy and fully experience Woodbine Beach in Toronto. Golf clubs are scattered throughout the city. Ski sports are also popular and commonly enjoyed. There are places built especially for ski lovers. Life in Toronto has many reasons to be enjoyable. For a relaxing and adventurous life, Toronto is the best place to put down roots in. 


Experiencing All The Four Seasons


Spring, summer, winter and autumn are the four seasons according to climate through the year. Toronto is the place where you can enjoy and experience all four seasons. This is what makes it an attractive place to become a resident of. The intensity and the extremes of each season vary depending on where you are in the country of Canada, but it is a guarantee that you will love the changing landscapes through the seasons in the city of Toronto. 


Housing In Toronto


Housing in Toronto has been known to be expensive, especially in the urban areas. The prices have been rising slightly through the years as well. It is important to plan ahead whether you will be renting a house or apartment or buying one of your own. Cheaper options are available, but they may be a bit farther from the core of the city. As much close you keep coming towards the center of the city, the property starts getting more expensive. 


Make sure you know the pricing of your place before you make any sort of commitment. If the area you wish to live in is farther than the area you wish to work in, there is cheap public transport available that can get you to any part of the city from any location. Subways are also available that are always on time and very efficient.  A lot of options for condos are available as well. They are present throughout the city. More such options are being made available and are currently under construction. The city is constantly growing and expanding. 


Art And Culture In Toronto


Toronto is the city where you will not experience boredom. This holds very true especially if you are a fan of arts and cultures. There are over 80 film festivals along with globally famous feasts celebrated throughout the city around the year. These include the famous Toronto Film Festival and Hot Docs. Some smaller festivals celebrated here that are not main tourist attractions but famous among the locals are Water Docs and Human Rights Watch Film Festival. 


The city is also home to more than 200 organizations that formed for the preservation of performing arts as a profession. The city itself owns more than 200 pieces of public art as well as museums and monuments of historical significance that you can explore any time of the year. Toronto Outdoor Fair Art, Fringe Festival and Luminato are among other festivals and events hosted in the city that you should check out. 


Apart from being home to and encouraging various art forms and cultural activities, the city also is the home of a large number of artists, the maximum when compared to the entire country of Canada. This is also supported by the presence of a large number of galleries and exhibitions scattered throughout the city.

Why you should choose to live in Vancouver

Why you should choose to live in Vancouver

Vancouver is a very famous area for migrating people. It is a place where everyone valued the culture and the quality of living is very high. Vancouver is named as top five cities all over the world continuously for quality of life. The Economist Intelligence Unit addressed it as the 1st city to get a rank among the top ten World cities. Vancouver has always been a famous place for those people who want to settle in Canada and want to start a new life. Vancouver is the most popular city for migrants all over the world. 


Vancouver got the third rank for the best city in 2019. It has beautiful landscapes, well-managed and clean cities and a friendly population. Vancouver is also the best city in terms of employment, healthcare, safety and security of its people. The weather in Vancouver is very appealing to everyone. 


Vancouver is a shelter for culture and arts institutions and boomy music sites which provide the best nightlife to the people. Vancouver is a home of beautiful lakes and mountains in an approachable distance. 


There are some reasons to move to Vancouver as follows:


1: Friendly Surroundings

Canada is known as the 6th best country for refugees and immigrants and has 1st rank for tolerance and it is also named as the 10th most friendly country for newcomers. You will be the recipient of a warming and heartfelt welcome when you visit Vancouver. 


2: The Ocean, The Mountains And The Beaches!

The most amazing quality of Vancouver is it has The Pacific Ocean surrounding it, along with beautiful and breathtaking snow-peaked mountains. You can notice the flowing water in many forms in the streets of Vancouver. and you will witness the presence of water in one form or another. The breeze of Vancouver is refreshing and energizing. It seems a healthy place to live. 


Vancouver has 8 amazing beaches and many lakes so you can go anywhere to enjoy swimming. Kitsilano Beach is known for its saltwater pool and Ambleside Beach has amazing and beautiful surroundings.


3: The Food In Vancouver 

The food in Vancouver is out of the world and you have no idea how good it can be. In Vancouver, you will be served a really good quality of food. This is famous as a foodie city famous for seafood. emigrants to Vancouver amazed with the quality of food here. Vancouver has many restaurants and cafes which have won many awards. It has many amazing food markets and specific shops of tasty food. 


4: Cultural Diversity

People from different nationalities and cultures are living in Vancouver which makes it one of the most wonderful places to visit or live. Emigrating to Vancouver can make you expand your circle. Many people would like to immigrate to Vancouver from all over the world. Many people from European cities and Australia used to come here. you can notice an international impact in the various shops, restaurants and art as well, in Vancouver. 


As different nationalities and cultures are settled in Vancouver one can experience the unity in diversity here. The people here are problem-solving with each other. Sometimes it is nice to see how people live here with different languages and cultures but still helpful to each other. Cultural diversity is an asset here and not a liability. 


5: Stanley Park

Stanley Park has covered around 1000 acres of land area and it is a beautiful Wild place in the centre of the city which has forests and formal gardens like feeling and also has some specific areas which have to bewilder. You can take a trip to Stanley Park. 


If you are visiting and immigrating to Vancouver, these places will be in your domain and you can hire a bike like a local and move around the amazing countryside till it is closed. 


6: The Wildlife In Vancouver

Wildlife in Vancouver is also amazing with having Bears, eagles and humpback whales and sea otters and many more. The wildlife around Vancouver is very wild. To enjoy here many activities are entertaining only if you are a wildlife lover. 


You can see bears and their naughtiest playing with each other. One can enjoy seeing eagles flying so high. Also in the sea, you can figure out humpback whales and see the sea otters and many more. Many people like to spend their weekends fishing and hiking. If you like to go outdoors, Vancouver is the best choice ever. 


7: Skiing And Snowboarding 

If you want to enjoy an active outdoor life then in Vancouver you can enjoy skiing on Grouse Mountain and Cypress Mountains Which are a few miles away from Vancouver. 


Life starts here early in the morning, moving up to late at night. You can enjoy a weekend after a long working week is over. Visiting or immigrating to Vancouver offers more options to a new way of life. 


8: Affordable Housing

Vancouver is a great place to reside in. You can move about and explore the different areas and see property advertisements. After going through the best properties one can see the sale and rent deed and make the decision. 


In Vancouver, you can see advertisements put outside the various buildings for sale or rent. It is guaranteed to be easy to find a home of your own to live in or for rent. 


It also has many beautiful luxury apartments from where you can get everything on your doorstep easily. 


Many surrounding areas of this city are managed and maintained very well and you can get all these at the most affordable prices. These are safe and secure to live also. You can choose according to your budget with the best choice for your comfort. However, you may read the agreement with different people and then make the best deal. 


9: Ice Hockey!

This is an exciting game Famous in Canada and Vancouver. There is no difference in its enthusiasm. The Vancouver Canucks are famous among their fans. If you are visiting or living in Vancouver then you must have to be a part of the game. Also, ice hockey is to enjoy more of your skills and experience a new enjoyable game. Ice hockey is to make you fit health-wise also in Vancouver. This is the most important game here and one should and must participate in this game. 


10: The Sea To Sky Gondola

The Sea to Sky Gondola is the main attraction among the visitors and it gives you a chance to have an aerial view of the beautiful alpine surroundings and the mountains. This is the most exciting part of the Sea to Sky Highway trail that makes it so amazing. Having a high ride upon the treetops, you can enjoy the scenery in a very specific way. You will love to go with your friends, colleagues and family members for the sea to sky ride. One experience a lot of fun here and make an experience here that will not be forgotten in a lifetime. 


11: The Best Weather 

If you are worried about the cold weather of Canada then Vancouver is the best option because it will offer you the best climate in the country. 


It has a beautiful and mild climate in Vancouver. Heavy snowfalls are very rare in the winter because the city is so close to the ocean but it is not difficult to get to the snow because ski slopes and Mountains are very closed. In the spring season, the city covered with famous cherry blossoms is in bloom and all the streets gain a beautiful and wonderful look. 


12: The Vancouver Aquarium

The aquarium in Vancouver has amazing species of sea life. It is the biggest aquarium in all of North America and has a wonderful impression of its research work. We recommend you to be a member to approach the access scenes behind the event. 


13: Gastown And ‘The Drive’

Downtown Vancouver has a very good combination of old and new. The unique contrast is full of character and one can find here the unique fashion of old and new. Gastown Vancouver has its oldest neighbourhood which is a centre of fashion with the latest design of old and new in boutique shops and cafes amongst the cobblestones and vintage lamp posts. 


When one visits Vancouver, they can’t stop themselves from going to the oldest streets. It is famous for its entertaining environment which is full of variation. They find here some really extraordinary architecture. The place is famous for its highly demanded variety of different products and the shops which satisfy the demand for their customers. The place is the center of attraction for the locals and visitors serve with various street festivals and musical programs on a regular basis. You can enjoy a drive whenever you visit Vancouver. 


14: The Vancouver Arts Scene

Vancouver gives value to its art seriously and invests a lot of time and money for a large number of artists, musicians and performers. There are many creative and amazing galleries to take in large crowds for small performance spaces at many places in Vancouver. Almost 50 professional theatre companies are situated in the city and many theatres to organize all types of comedy and musical programs. 


15: Water And Amusement Parks

If you want to have fun along with your family members then you will get many options in Vancouver. Pacific National Exhibition and Playland Amusement Park are famous in Vancouver. This years-old way of celebration has its own amazing charm which provides a chance for locals and visitors to enjoy. It is a very old custom of the county fair which offers different rides, exhibitions and auctions of animals, music concerts and many other programs. 


16: Education For All

The education system in Vancouver is excellent and is one of the biggest centres of attractions to others to make them immigrate to Canada. The system is well organized and well-funded by the authorities. A few best free schools offering primary level education in Vancouver include, 

  • Chartwell in West Vancouver
  • Irwin Park in West Vancouver
  • West Bay in West Vancouver
  • Andre Piolat North Vancouver

Vancouver is home to world-class universities ranked 34th in the Times World University Rankings. 


17: Job Opportunities

According to the Statistics data released in June 2019 which shows that there are a larger number of people getting employed in Canada. Vancouver has the lowest unemployment percentage in Canada around 4. 5%. 


If you want to emigrate to Vancouver, this will be a huge advantage because Canada is also looking for skilled workers and to run their economy smoothly and having employment is the top priority of any immigrant. 


  1. Amazing Festivals And Events

There are various fascinating events and festivals being celebrated throughout the year such as the marathon, Festival of Light and Cherry Blossom, music and sports events. Many more events and festivals related to films, food and many more. Vancouver is the home of fun and Festivals. 


19: Sunsets At English Bay

The sunsets at English Bay are one of the amazing scenes you just have to watch. If you are thinking to settle in Vancouver permanently then you must absolutely know more about this. 


It is a fascinating sunset that makes this stretch of coast more famous. The annual Celebration of Light, a fantastic festival of fireworks celebrated at English way in July or in August. There are a lot of surrounding beaches which are the centre of attraction and you can spend a whole day here. 


19: Free Outdoor Movies

To make your evening a magical one Vancouver is the best place for you. One of the old traditions of Vancouver is showing outdoor movies for free. One may come alone or with your families, all are welcome here to experience entertainment with free outdoor movies. 


If you plan a picnic trip with your friends or family members you are at the best place. Canada Place Promenade and Stanley Park are the best places in summer to be spent at. The warmer months here are best spent with full entertainment like experiencing free outdoor movies, picnics with your friends and colleagues and family. 


Vancouver is providing a very friendly atmosphere to its ex-pat community so that you can easily mingle with the locals. It is providing a special integration of modern urban living including amazing and fascinating sceneries all around. 


Vancouver has high and modern thinking for its economy and public welfare strategies. The education system is excellent in Weather conditions and is also suitable to settle here. Vancouver is a city of events and festivals that can trill your life. The mountains, oceans and lakes over here are the main cause of attraction to all. Vancouver is a worth living place for immigrants who want to settle here as well as visitors.

The Winter Wonderland - Whistler

The Winter Wonderland - Whistler

If you are on a break from work, or between career options, or simply looking for an amazing city in Canada to settle in, Whistler is your option. This place is the one for you to experience the unique winters in Canada. Whistler is most famously known as the best ski resort in the whole of North America. This place is the perfect blend of white sparkling snow, varied and rugged terrain as well as friendly and good-natured people. This place is also known for hosting the Winter Olympic Games in 2010. This was hosted along with the famous city of Vancouver. The highest vertical dropping point in entire North America is situated in the city of Whistler. The city monetizes on a considerable amount of snow. The snowfall happens in the city each year. 


Going To Whistler


There is a risk involved in going to my new place, arriving there as a newcomer and hoping to gain accommodation and a way to earn as well. Job fairs do take place in Whistler every year in the month of October. If you have any past work experience or education, you may be able to gain a job and a way to earn a living while residing in Whistler. 


Gaining good accommodation in this city may be a bit tricky if you are new here. The rates are high and accommodation expensive. The best way is to arrive in Whistler in the month of September, gain a job in October and start paying for yourself. The important thing to remember here is that the tourist season starts in November along with the majority of jobs. This means for the first 2 months, you may have to have enough money with you before you can actually begin working. 


Working In Whistler 


You may already have a Canadian passport or you may be an eligible candidate to submit an application to obtain a Canadian passport. If you are going to live in Whistler for a particular period of time only, to be able to work there, you will require a work permit. 


The majority of the employers of Whistler prefer those people for employment who have an open permit. If you do not have an employment opportunity already lined up for you when you arrive in Whistler, you should apply for a work permit from the Working Holiday Program. 


Some employed may agree to offer a sponsored work permit. For this, they will be required to submit proof that the job offered to you has duties that cannot be fulfilled by the local Canadian citizens. But it is better to prefer the Working Holiday Program. It is less cumbersome for the employer and it can be gained by anyone who is eligible to immigrate to Canada as well as eligible to fulfill the duties of a job for up to 2 years. 


Before you submit the application for the Working Holiday Program, make sure your country is one of the many countries that Candian Immigration allows to send citizens to Canada through this program. Each country is also given a limit on the number of eligible candidates they can send. The Program starts accepting applications towards the ending of each year. If you wish to apply, submit your application form, then you will enter the pool of candidates and have to be patient to receive an invitation to apply for the work permit. 


Living In Whistler


The city of Whistler is not vast in area. The entire city is divided up into three key parts, Whistler, Creekside and Blackcomb. If you get a job to work in one of the housing facilities or hotels, you will be given the housing facilities that are made available for the staff. These will be available at a largely subsided rate. The location and view of this home will also be very good. The most common system adopted is that the rate for one night of stay is equivalent to what you earn in one hour of work. Whistler Blackcomb is the biggest employer in terms of numbers in the city, with housing facilities made available to the entire team. 


If you are not able to gain work where you can make use of staff housings, you can still find a home to be shared through a private renting service. Accommodations in this city are in great demand, so you must arrive here during the months of September to October to make sure you get housing facilities. There are many neighbourhoods in Whistler as well. These neighbourhoods are the places where you can find private rental homes. If you arrive early, and your job does not start, be prepared to pay for accommodations yourself. 


Job In Whistler


Arrive in Whistler with the attitude to do your best. Always have a smile for those who are your customers here. Be prepared with tons of warm clothes if there is a chance that you may be working outside in the winter, in the snow. You can truly enjoy the winter season to the fullest if you do not view your work as a burden here. Make the best use of your available skiing and riding adventures. Be sure to socialize and meet new people from all the different nations. It is also the city of partying. The residents are quite amicable and welcoming. In adjunct to that, there are several exciting places that you can go for exploration, day or night. 


Food In Whistler


If you enjoy food then Whistler is your Paradise. Almost all types of cuisines and delicacies from across the globe can be relished here. This is because the restaurants here have to cater to tourists and visitors from all across the world. The seafood here is mouth-watering good. This is because Whistler is quite close to ocean bodies. Sushi restaurants are also very common because most of the locals prefer the dish. 


Servings per person are also large in quantities in entire North America. This is exactly what you will want after spending an adventurous day in the mountains and snow. If you are working and do not wish to eat out every day, there are major supermarkets too. Here, you can buy whatever you need for a delicious home-cooked meal to be enjoyed in the comforts of your home. 


All major chain eateries are also present here such as Domino’s, Subways and McDonald’s. If you are working in a housing, lodging facility like Whistler Blackcomb, you will also be given access to meal programs for staff. These are very cheap, sometimes offered at prices relatively lower than the cost of cook the delicacy at home. 


The Weather In Whistler


The weather is good so that it is the ideal vacation spot for both summers as well as winter. During the summers, the city of Whistler is warm. The weather is pleasant so you can go for a swimming adventure in the mountain lakes. In the duration of the winter season, the temperatures are moderate. The proximity of the city of Whistler to the Pacific Ocean ensures that the winter in Whistler is not as extreme as in other parts of Canada. 



The Terrain Of Whistler


The Whistler Blackcomb offers the biggest areas for all your ski and riding adventures. The two separate mountains, Whistler and Blackcomb are joined by a gondola that goes from the peak of one mountain to another. This gondola system has also broken many world records. 


Every mountain in Whistler has its own adventures and challenges to explore. The varied terrain means the best for your skiing adventures. The mountains have terrains that can be used by beginners as well as those who have expert skiing skills. 


Skiing Adventures In Whistler


If you gain a full-time job to work in a resort, you will also be given a pass that allows you to ski all through the season. This can also Be listed as part of your job duties. Many employers also tend to offer this pass as an incentive at a lower rate than what is charged to customers. Some can also offer you the pass in the beginning, and the full amount of the payment is deducted from your pay in the entire course.

Why you should live in Winnipeg

Why you should live in Winnipeg

Winnipeg is the capital of Manitoba and it is a snowy city known for its winters. In Spite harsh cold, people who live here know the advantages of this meadow city. There are ample things in Winnipeg you will admire. Its energetic sports galore and its multiculturalism afford housing choices. If you want to settle in Winnipeg, here are some important information about this city as follows: 


The Extreme Weather


During the winter season temperatures can drop to minus degrees almost -20 degrees Celsius. If you are moving to Winnipeg, you have to prepare for the weather by having a set of gloves, scarf, thick winter parka and ski pants. Insulated boots are also necessary. have to replace your car tyres with winter tires during the winter season. It can be slipping otherwise. 


In the summer season temperatures will rise to high degrees. Winnipeg is the sunniest Canadian city. People endure both seasons fully. The advantage to live in Winnipeg you can enjoy four different Weather conditions. You can enjoy the snow during Christmas and can roam in beautiful sunshine during winter. 


Employment Options


Winnipeg has various economic sectors which provide many Employment Opportunities to its population. 


Winnipeg has a vast arrangement of employment opportunities in different areas of work such as the Aerospace sector, manufacturing units, agricultural, health care services, and public administration sectors are the huge employment fields of Winnipeg. 


The unemployment rate is very low here due to the strength of its assorted economy. The household income is also continuously growing. Healthcare sector to construction sector, there are various sectors you can find employment in Winnipeg. The IT sector is also growing here consistently including the manufacturing sector. If you are thinking of moving to Winnipeg then you will find various job opportunities in varied employment sectors. 


The Cost Of Living

You can find huge options for housing according to your Budget. Winnipeg has an abundant, affordable priced strong and stable real estate and housing market. The average price for residential is around $275, 000 currently. Which is comparatively quite lower than the average of the nation. Winnipeg presently has numerous apartments for sale but duplexes and single homes are a little bit difficult to find here. 


Rental apartments availability is similar with the rate of 2. 8%. You can get one-bedroom rentals that are the most abundant in Winnipeg. If you want to make your own house then you have to pay an extra fee for new residential construction. 


You can get many affordable housing and apartment options in Winnipeg in comparison to other Canadian cities. It has strong and stable economic conditions along with steady and smooth growth in the real estate market. 


The Culture


Birds Hill Provincial Park is the place in Winnipeg where the Folk Festival is celebrated for music and culture. The mixture of many cultural and ethnic groups in Winnipeg can be seen by the festivals as well as various types of art shows held throughout the year. Every year different musicians perform here. 


Along with music you can enjoy the different varieties of food and can order to your satisfaction. A unique item for shopping is also available to attract and satisfy customers’ needs and demands. Visitors can go to these places for one day or get camping passes that are also available for the site of camping for one weekend. 


Its summer houses have displayed the various ethnic cultural societies in Winnipeg with various programmes, and activities. you can enjoy delicious food varieties and multiple cultural cuisines in Winnipeg. Winnipeg is named as a main cultural hub of Manitoba. In 2010, Canadian Heritage officially declared it as the Cultural Capital of Canada. 


Attractions And Destinations 


Winnipeg has various unique tourism places. The Assiniboine Park Zoo has many polar bears. Here visitors have to walk through an underwater tunnel to enjoy the sea animals swimming below the surface. It also has a Canadian Museum for Human Rights, which displays different historical events of the world. It has many architectural achievements which have eye-catching attractions in Winnipeg. It has a Winnipeg Art Gallery( WAG). 


Sports Events Galore


Winnipeg has a leading ice hockey culture and the home of many professional teams. You can enjoy the local football games and Winnipeg Blue Bombers. This city has a huge variety of outdoor activities such as going for hikes or biking trips. Winnipeg has many playgrounds that are the centre of attraction for children. It provides many golf courses and gyms along with various sports clubs like kite surfing, soccer and archery. In the winter season, you can enjoy skating outdoors in the Red and Assiniboine Rivers. 


Restaurants Everywhere


Winnipeg is the home of various restaurants and hotels. Wherever you move in Winnipeg you will find yourself nearly a restaurant. It has all types of restaurants which serve a variety of foods and various traditional cuisines. Corydon Avenue and Osborne Village are the famous options. You can enjoy delicious food over here and every time you will experience something new in these restaurants. 


Beautiful Parks And Developed Trails


Winnipeg is the home of various beautiful parks. Assiniboine Park is one of the famous parks of Winnipeg. It is a wonderful place to enjoy the beauty of nature and greenery and make you feel away from the crowded and busy life of urban areas for a while. you can find many smaller parks inside the city at walking distance from your place gives you a great experience to have a walk along with your family and pet. 


You can enjoy the riverwalk which is very popular in Winnipeg. You can enjoy the breathtaking view of the wonderful surroundings and you can easily move from one place to another. 


Historical Buildings


Winnipeg has a heritage of many historical buildings and it is also doing efforts to preserve these historical buildings across the city and also preserving the architecture of these historical buildings. A huge number of historical buildings are grouped in The Exchange District. There are many other amazing buildings that you can see or visit in various parts of the city. 


The Appeal Of Natural Beauty


Winnipeg has two famous rivers named the Red River and Assiniboine River. The name of this city Winnipeg means murky waters. Different areas of this city explore a different touch with nature in every season. Hiking trails following the river are one of the best places where you can go for a morning walk. In the winter season, you can enjoy skates and enjoy the frozen river trails. 


Neighbourhoods like Wolseley which are covered with trees are the best place for nature and greenery admirers. In Winnipeg, you can ever enjoy the natural beauty of this meadow province in all seasons. 


Public Transport


It will be difficult to utilize bus routes to move around Winnipeg. Main roads having good coverage rates but bus routes are not developed properly in new developing areas. You can use bike paths to travel in different areas of Winnipeg. Another healthy choice of public transit options in Winnipeg is a bicycle. 


Affordable Education 


The fee structure for the universities in Winnipeg is very low in comparison to other provinces. Educational institutions such as the University of Winnipeg or the University of Manitoba provide excellent educational programs to their students in various educational fields. Red River College is known as a great educational institution. Students are benefited both by the Affordable and wide options of education for post-secondary schools in Winnipeg. 


If you are searching for a place with a perfect lifestyle, suitable employment opportunities and affordable housing, then Winnipeg might be the perfect place for you to live in. you can enjoy the cold winter as well as bright sunshine too. you can enjoy the delicious food variety over here with various vintage cuisines. educational institutions are providing high-quality education to their students. you can enjoy skiing as well as greenery all around the meadow province.

Why You Should Choose To Live In Calgary

Why You Should Choose To Live In Calgary

Calgary is known as the largest city of Alberta, province of Canada. It is situated at the borders of the United States and British Calgary situated in the east of Rocky mountains where two rivers Bow and Elbow rivers united with each other. Calgary is known as the corridor to the Rocky mountains. The population of Calgary is around 1.3 million and it is known as the third largest town and fourth-largest cosmopolitan city of Canada. It has huge population growth in comparison to any other cosmopolitan city. Its surroundings are very beautiful, covered with greenery and have an enriched natural atmosphere. 


Economic activity in Calgary 

The economy of Calgary is generally based on petroleum, agriculture, and tourism sectors. Alberta has the biggest share in the oil industry. The head offices of most petroleum companies are based in Calgary, making it one of the wealthiest cities in Canada. The employment rate is low in Calgary at present Calgary in comparison to other Canadian cities. The Winter Olympic Games were hosted by Calgary in the year of 1988. It was, in history, the first Canadian city to do so. This game set an example on how to host an Olympics successfully for other countries. 


Cowboy traditions

Calgary has a proud ‘Cowboy’ tradition. Calgary is also famous as Cowtown and the Calgary Stampede, which goes on for 10 days in July every year. It is famous as the Greatest Outdoor Event. The Stampede is a cowboy festival where cowboys from different cities gather here to show their talent and skills. It is also the centre of attraction for tourists because Hotels and flights become busy and costly during this festival. Most markets in Calgary closed during this festival. 


Calgary weather

Calgary is known as a mountain-high city that is almost 1, 048 metres above sea level. The weather is generally dry and humidity is also at a very low level. Sitting in Greenland, Calgary has the most sunshine relative to other major cities of Canada. In summers temperature reaches 30°C maximum with a warm and dry climate. Even when there is winter and cold, Calgary usually remains sunny. This makes it an appealing place as a living prospect. Calgary has four different seasons. It is cool and comfortable at night. 


Winter is very pleasant in Calgary in comparison to other Canadian cities. temperatures can be low not around -10°C only for some weeks in a year. Winter is more pleasant and Calgary has closeness to the Rockies. Many ski places are there in Calgary so you enjoy a wonderful opportunity of seeing the snow in winter. Chinook, the warm wind from the Pacific Ocean is a specific characteristic of Calgary that raises the temperature up to15 degrees in winter. May is a month of winds and June is having rainfall. July and August are very warm months while in September and October you can enjoy the summer sunshine. Calgary has average annual rainfall and most of the rain coming in the form of snow in winter. Because of the frequent warm winds of Chinook, the snowfall events during winter are for very little time. August is a very pleasant month in Calgary in terms of weather. 


Culture in Calgary

Most of the population living in Calgary was from outside Canada, that is why the people living in the city are of different cultures and different ethnicities. Most of the population are immigrants from different nationalities mostly from the Philippines, India and China. Canadian population from different provinces have migrated to Calgary because it has a strong economy and better employment opportunities. Calgary is the first priority of second movers, those people who first immigrated to Canada and settled here and later they decide to change their location once again. 


Theatres and Music


Calgary has world-famous theatres and music spots


  •  Calgary theatre
  •  Alberta Theatre
  • Jack Singer Concert Hall. 
  • Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra. 
  • Glenbow museum


Which displays the historical artifacts of Calgary’s and Alberta’s past time. They also used to organize the First Nations art display and related artifacts and many other art exhibitions. Calgary also has its own tradition in country music and you can enjoy all these when you visit or settle here. 


Sports in Calgary

You can enjoy many frolicking sports in Calgary. You can keep yourself fit and fine by playing soccer, basketball, tennis, volleyball and many others. The professional sports in Calgary are not very energetic like other cities. The National Hockey League (NHL) franchise ( Calgary Flames) is very famous and performed at the iconic Scotiabank Saddledome. 


Living Costs in Calgary

This developing city is enriched with wealth and living here is easy to afford in comparison to other neighbouring cities. Alberta has a lower price of gasoline and natural gas and also imposes no tax on their population. The cost of having a life in Calgary is cheaper than in smaller towns but very affordable in comparison to other Canadian cities. 


Calgary has recovered from its recent economic recession conditions and fixed the costs of the house and renting at very affordable levels. It is good news for newcomers and Immigrants who want to settle in Calgary. Calgary has sufficient rental properties both fully furnished and unfurnished. A one-bed apartment will cost you $1, 000 per month and a two-bed apartment will cost you $300-400 per month or more. 


Transit in Calgary

The C-Train moves around Calgary throughout the year. Calgary has a large number of buses and light rail transit services known as the C-Train. The underground rail system is not developed here and you can easily find public transport to move from one place to another. The C-Train services are very useful. 


Dining out in Calgary

Calgary has numerous varieties of Restaurants, cafes and pubs. All of them are providing the best of their services. Alberta is famous for Berta Beef, so you can get many good options of restaurants to taste this dish. You can get good quality food at very affordable prices in Calgary. Many restaurants offer daily specialties in dining so that you can feast on yourself all day of the week. You can get many good options of restaurants and cafes throughout Calgary but 17th Avenue is the best place in Calgary because many high-quality pubs and restaurants are situated here. 


Foods And Cuisines In Calgary

Mentioning here the top 10 places in Calgary with unique and best cuisines and providing fine surroundings too. 


  1. Himalayan

It is a beautiful restaurant situated in the South-West residential area on 17th Avenue. C-Train station is also within walking distance and it is the best place to visit. The interior decoration is very beautiful with amazing canvas paintings of Himalayan sceneries fitted on the walls. Its menu has a variety of curries and noodle dishes. Vegetable Mo: Mo is an exquisite dish that can be taken as a starter. They also have the best menu for vegetarians. 


  1. Newcastle Pub

It is a British pub situated on 17th Avenue. It’s the best place to enjoy your evening. It’s a famous spot for sports-loving people. with having night hockey, basketball, football, and soccer games and you can get the best food and drinks here, all in your budget. 


  1. Warehouse

The Warehouse is the destination where you can enjoy stunning food varieties at Affordable prices. All the food items cost you around $5. 95, such as poutine, burger and nachos. 


It becomes very busy in the evenings offering youthful surroundings with a great music playlist. 


  1. Oriental Phoenix

Oriental Phoenix is a famous Vietnamese restaurant, having two locations– one in Calgary downtown and another is near Chinook C-Train station. You can enjoy spring rolls and noodle soups, marinated chicken and grilled pork noodle soup at a very reasonable price. 


  1. Original Joe’s

It is the best place to have high-quality food to eat and something to drink. Every Friday evening, this place becomes very busy and lively. It is famous for burgers, flatbreads and noodles and a lot of special foods and drinks is the best choice for people. 


  1. Notable

Notable is a famous restaurant located in the NW, undoubtedly the best restaurant in Calgary but it is expensive. Here, highly served dishes are Thai marinated Notable chicken wings and crispy potato rolls and grilled Alberta bison is delicious. In desserts, dark chocolate pudding is best. They also serve gluten-free food. 


  1. Jameson’s

It is located in Brentwood and on 17th Avenue. It is an Irish pub chain, a beautiful place for a relaxing evening with delicious food. It is an exquisite place that also has loads of games to make you busy. You can enjoy sausage, fried pickles and chicken skewers with a variety of dips. 


  1. Una Pizza and Wine

Una Pizza and Wine is the best and very popular place among pizza-loving people in Calgary. The takeaway and delivery services are also available here. It opens at 11. 30 a. m. to 1 a. m. for seven days a week. pizzas are delicious here and the wine collection is highly appreciated. 


  1. Moxie’s

Moxie’s Grill and Bar is the best dining choice for food-loving people. Moxie’s restaurants are located in various places in Calgary. Whenever there is a rise in temperature, many restaurants offer outdoor dining facilities and this restaurant is the best option to enjoy the outdoor atmosphere. 


  1. Joey’s

Joey’s also has great food options at reasonable prices and also has various locations to serve the people of Calgary. It provides a high-quality atmosphere and delicious food. The roasted chicken and BBQ ribs are the delicacy of this place 


If you are thinking about settling in Calgary then it will be the best option because house and rent prices are affordable here. Salaries and employment rates are also high in comparison to other cities. Calgary has a lot of greenery, rivers and Rocky mountains also having a sunny climate with low rain, provides the best sports and nightlife to enjoy. The economy in Calgary is quite strong.

Canada’s capital – what makes Ottawa so attractive

Canada’s capital – what makes Ottawa so attractive

Ottawa is the capital city of Canada and has the fourth rank as the largest city of the country, where 66% of the population is living at present. English and French both languages are spoken in Canada and also highlighted in their culture and business. Ottawa has a multicultural population including an immigrant population which helps to boost the economy of Ottawa. 


The Cities of Ottawa are the best city to be living in Canada. The big advantage of living in Canada is its different private sectors, you can live a high-quality life at low expenses. It has a strong economy with a high income. 


Ottawa is also known as the engine of the economy of Canada. Employment opportunities are high in tech industries. The government is also providing several benefits to permanent residencies. Here is some reason which makes you live in Ottawa as follows: 


Multicultural and cosmopolitan

Ottawa is a multicultural province having diversity in ethnic, linguistic and religious traits among its population. Ottawa has come out as a cosmopolitan centre of different multiculturalism. This is the second favourite destination of immigrants after Toronto. 


Ottawa is a rapidly diversifying city. Every four people living in Ottawa are immigrants. The rate of growth of the population is higher in Ottawa in comparison to other cities. Almost 53% of newcomers arrived here from Asia and the Middle East. All these differences are highlighted in the languages spoken by the Ottawa population like Spanish, Italian and German. Chinatown, located close to Ottawa city. This place is for Chinese and Asian restaurants. 


Languages are spoken, both English and French

According to a recent study of population census, in almost half of Ottawa and its surrounding places most people are Anglophone, some are Francophone. Most of the residents including Ottawa and Gatineau can speak the languages of English and French. The number of bilingual people has also increased between 2006 and 2011. 


The trade language is English in Ottawa, which proves helpful for economic growth. The federal government also motivates bilingualism and for work and stay in Ottawa. 


Ottawa local residents have also accepted the Francophone community as an important resource that can contribute to the economic development of Ottawa. Vanier is a well-known Francophone neighbourhood situated on the Rideau River. 


Knowledge economy and centre of learning

Ottawa’s most population is very talented and skillful and contributes to economic development on a large scale. Its mostly cities are famous for having a large number of citizens who have completed their post-secondary education in Canada. Mostly the adult population of Ottawa almost 51 percent have completed a college degree and approximately 43 percent of the working population indulge in innovative occupations. 


Almost 26. 4 percent of the employed population is in the knowledge field and it is the highest number among the other cities of Canada. Every one person out of seven people is working in the science field. a consequence of the exceptionally good educational institutions in the system. Ottawa is also providing the facilities of modern education along with research infrastructure that is of top-level quality globally. 


Different industries are the strength of Ottawa’s economy. Ottawa’s knowledge-based sector is growing continuously, having 1,922 companies that provide employment to almost 75,000 people. Ottawa has a large number of Knowledge-Based Services fields such as software field, Aerospace and Defence field. Telecommunications and eBusiness also play an important role in its economic growth. 


Climate And Environment

Ottawa has four different seasons, each one contains its own unique as well as specific characteristics. In summer the climate becomes warm and it is the best time in Ottawa because outdoor activities are in full swing in summers. More festivals are held in the summers only. 


Spring has become cooler and it is the best time in Ottawa because temperature rises, days are long, flowers and greenery increased in cities. The tulip festival is conducted in the spring season every year. 


Autumn or fall is the season when the temperature starts to drop slowly and these are wonderful days in Ottawa, the sun is shining brightly and the air is a little bit cool. It is the best time when the trees turn bright orange in colour. In winter temperatures become below freezing but don’t fear. You require warm clothes in winter. Winters are very cold in Ottawa but they are also great ways to enjoy it by going for a ski trip, skating on the ice, fishing on the ice. The Rideau Canal is known as the largest skating arena in the whole world. Ottawa has organized a winter festival of a lifetime with skating and skiing on the Rideau Canal. 


Local professional opportunities

Ottawa is providing its residents with the best local professional opportunities and surroundings. It provides some of the cultural benefits as a capital city. We can organize a medium of transport to visit places like job Centres and Immigration service centers. 


Vibrant arts and culture

Ottawa is a safe and clean city. It is also having an energetic art and culture and provides many easy affordable ways of entertainment. Ottawa organizes the skiing trails and skating in the winter on Rideau Canal. Ottawa is a big city which gives you a small-town feeling. 


Professional opportunities

Ottawa as a capital city provides great opportunities for your career as a translator. Ottawa is also known as a tech hub of Canada and it has a knowledge-based industry explosion. Approximately 1,700 companies are working in the field of Digital Media, Communications Technology, CleanTech, Aerospace & Defence fields. They are offering the best jobs with great salaries. It also provides pathways towards entrepreneurship. The workforce in the capital city is now up to 77,000 people. Ottawa has many tech companies in comparison to Vancouver, Montreal and Calgary. 


Quality of life And Cuisines

Ottawa is an excellent place that provides a high quality of life. Ottawa has many things to offer and various types of restaurants along with different types of cuisine and a fantastic small-town feeling in it. People feel fantastic with the tulip festival and Bluesfest. You can enjoy Chinese food in Chinatown. Italian food also served in various Italian restaurants


Parks And Paths

Ottawa is famous for its greenery. The city has many natural areas such as Gatineau Park and Ottawa Greenbelt covered around 200 square kilometres of green space. 


It has provided many separate paths so you can bicycle, walk, jog, or go for in-line skating. Ottawa is the best place for cycling and skating-loving people. It is having 170 km of creative pathways


Affordable housing

Ottawa is an affordable place for living in Canada compared to other big cities such as Vancouver and Toronto. The residents of Ottawa normally spend less money on housing and they are capable of saving for a down payment for their own house in the next 3-4 years. Ottawa has various neighbourhood cities to live in and housing. 


Safe and secure

Ottawa is a very safe place to reside in, with a crime rate that is below average. In the year 2011, the number of violent crimes in the city of Ottawa was much below the rate of the entire country. This makes Ottawa a safer place to reside in than the cities of Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. This rate was much smaller compared to many small towns as well. Canada also has an overall much lower violent crime rate than the United States.



Ottawa has high-class schools which provide high-quality students from these schools score higher than provincial averages in different fields of education such as reading, writing, and mathematics. Outside of school hours, Many activities are organized for students except the school hours like sports, arts, and music. Many activities organized for the enjoyment of families too such as crafts and fitness classes for parents and children. It also provides financial help for those students who are not able to pay program fees for City-run programs. 


Excellent health care

The city of Ottawa has provided global standard medical facilities and healthcare services. It has four huge hospitals in the city namely: 

  • The Hospital for Children located in Eastern Ontario
  • Queensway-Carleton Hospital 
  • Montfort Hospital
  • Ottawa Hospital


The Ottawa Hospital is the largest hospital that also teaches. There are various specialized hospitals and clinics in the cities. Ottawa has a good ratio of doctors around 2.64 doctors for 1,000 people. 




Ottawa has well-off and convenient transport services in the cities. Ottawa has- OC Transpo – an award-winning transport service that offers you bus service on fixed routes on a regular basis. Transit services are also Available for physically disable people called Para Transpo services. At present, it has 1,000 buses and 3 trains offering its services to around 370,000 people. Ottawa also provides a car-sharing service called VRTUCAR for those who require a car for some specific reasons. Around 9,000 people are riding their bikes and there are separate bike paths available beside the rivers and streets of Ottawa to make travelling easy. 


Ottawa has 6th ranked in passenger traffic airport in Canada which has many direct routes to various locations inside Canada and around the world too. 



Ottawa is a well-known region for having a majority of professional sports and franchises. It also has a 10-kilometre area for horseback riding situated in Gatineau Park. The sports such as soccer, martial arts, basketball, volleyball, badminton etc. Ottawa is surrounded by water everywhere, there are various water-related sports like swimming, rowing etc. 


Ottawa is a safe city and people are very friendly to newcomers and it is the best city for cycling and skating and provides plenty of recreational skills for entertainment. Ottawa has clean and green cities and development is going on rapidly. It has many Immigrant service organizations which guide and support the newcomers to settle in Ottawa, has world-class educational institutions.

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